Left to right; Edwin, Razvan, Natalia, Jelmer and Lucy.

Water is one of the essential components of the earth. Every human being needs water for survival and in some cases not everybody gets access easily to it. Our mission as people living in the earth we have to worry about the water situation and work together to get on a solution the fastest way possible.

  • Edwin, as a client service he is in touch with the team members of our NGO, he’s basically the voice at our hangouts and the voice of the group.
  • Production Manager, Razvan, looks for ideas and materials that we can use in the project.
  • Team Project Leader, Natalia, manages effective and efficient the workflow and ensure balanced team effort making sure that everyone has a valuable production.
  • Technology Steward, Jelmer,  helps technical in the team work and the hangouts as well.
  • The documentarian, Lucy, keeps visually and textually all the information from the NGO and makes sure the group writes on the blog and update the information.

The website is: http://www.i-WATER.org


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