Storyboard ( week 7 )

About the storyboard… me and the other 2 production managers we had a meeting on tuesday where we put all the research made for this project, our thoughs and other people ideas like Nancy, toghether.We came up different plans for the final movie, analyzing what we did last weeks and schedule step by step our script.It was actually very hard to do that because everybody has different opinions about how we can create this movie and obviously we made a lot of changes to our storyboard “sketch”.We struggle a bit with the way we are going to present IWF ( International Water Foundation ) purpose, to be with clear ideas about the organization way of work but at the same time to be exciting.Afterwards we made the final script and decide over all how we will start to shoot it.I admit that it was a long week, with many debates but we came out with a good plan for the weeks left and also with a clear storyboard;we still have some things to fix but we are on the right road.



One thought on “Storyboard ( week 7 )

  1. edwindewit96 says:

    Razvan, why don’t you also elaborate on what the actual final storyboard/script is on top of explaining the process?


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