Reflection week 7

On Monday we started to talk about the final video, is more complicate than we thought but finally we can breath just a little bit. After weeks of confusion and hard work we are almost done with this amazing project. Knowing what we have to do makes it easier to organize the video, planning who and when it will be shoot. We have a clearly idea about what we want to show, more difficult will be actually shoot the video but we are all very exiting about it!

Be able to organize everything in a big group like this can be sometimes kinda of complicate, everybody has different schedules but we make our best to make it work; thinking about the cameras, localizations, new ideas, everything that can help us should our goal, that is communicate how important the NGO: International Water Foundation is.

Here you can find a sneak peak of what a few weeks of work can achive :




3 thoughts on “Reflection week 7

  1. edwindewit96 says:

    I sadly had to miss the first hour of class due to a hefty train delay. however I got up to speed quite quickly. Our task was to revamp our storyboard and script into something more enticing and step away from the recitation of informative, but boring, bullet points. The production managers were in charge of this and this eventually led to one point of disagreement . There was a dichotomy in people that wanted to have the video being acted out by computer generated characters versus actual people. Production managers preferred the computer generated characters as it would be much easier to produce, and insisted it would make the finalized video look better.
    We eventually compromised on having parts in both forms; computer generated for the informative points and real people for the story telling.

    Wednesday we had to create a draft video to send to our tutor, so that’s what we did in the beginning of the class. After that Marcel. Benji and I corrected the script and cleared grammatical errors so that the voice actors could record their parts for the video. I then had to wait at school for a few hours until Marcel and I had a Skype call with Nancy to discuss our updated plan, Marcel led that conversation as I was not told about the specifics of the story board.

    Her feedback was useful and one thing was exceptionally helpful as I was unsure about the amount of detailed information that I put into the script/movie. I feared I might have gone overboard with it and, what Nancy suggested was that we tell the story to a person whom doesn’t know anything about the project yet and see how that person reacts. If there’s points where he looks puzzled, you’d need more info and if he seems bored or confused it’s too much information. I intend on doing this, and will give an update on how that went in next week’s reflection post.


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  2. razvanvarjoghe says:

    This week we discussed more about how to shoot the movie for the final presentation, because we already have a good schedule and a big amount of ideas. After previous weeks we got a lot of experience and we got to know what our goal is. Right now we are focused on how and where to film because is more complicated than we thought. We still don’t know how to arrange the content and make it attractive for the viewers. I can say that the movie “project” is a little bit messy but I’m sure that we’re gonna make it, we’re on the right path.
    On Wednesday we made a small draft of our future video and we made a clear and engaging storyboard. Marcel had a Skype call with Nancy and he clarified almost everything so now we updated our plan. Her feedback was very useful and now we are going to focus on the film and to edit the final movie.


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