Reflection week 6

STORY BOARD*click on the word

This week it is all about the story board.

Team work has never been this intense. To make sure we are using our time in the most efficient way, we have applied the learned techniques on group sizes to ensure the best outcome. Taking this in account the first step we took was to separate into small groups and listen to all the input and ideas we had for the story board. After analysing these, we got together as the bigger group to consolidate which ideas are good and can be used and which should be changed or modified.

Confusiams is definitely a thing of the past. Lately everything has been moving forward smoothly, the storyboard is getting approved, and the main ideas for the video are decided. To make sure our video has an impact. The structure of the video is divided into three parts, these have been equally distribjelemeruted between all the groups. The three parts consist on; what is the IWF? What is it doing? And how we are going to improve it?

We focused on; what is the IWF doing at this moment. To make sure all the group was included we first had a brainstorming session these tend to deviate from the topic extremely fast. This is why we put tim
e constrains to our conversation to make sure we had time pressure to make us more efficient. I think our biggest struggle was not to deviate from the topic.

Definitely we are extremely enthusiastic about the video, the ideas are flowing and the energy is high. Overall I think we managed effectively the time we had available as now we are on track and keeping up to the schedule.


4 thoughts on “Reflection week 6

  1. Laura Stevens says:

    Confusiasm a thing of the past? Now I am curious!
    Good to see you all working together as a team, those ideas that Nancy gave the collaborators were amazing. She took the ideas given, and mixed them in her delicious recipe 😉


    1. edwindewit96 says:

      Actually Nancy helped us out as well 🙂

      With our completed story board and script we (Marcel, Daria, me) had a hangout session with her and here is the summary of the tips she gave us:

      – We should indeed create a precise plan to approach universities to get a group of students that will be able to help François further with things like the website etc.
      – Create a test model with 2 groups locally and 2 far away for example, no reason to start only locally on the assumption that it’s too much too handle to start globally.
      – Linking all the youth groups together by not only Facebook, but also a blog or twitter!

      – Too much details will confuse people, so avoid a recitation of bullet points
      – Convey our plan in the form of a story (narrative) rather than just the bullet points
      – Ask Alan about the creative of side of creating the story
      – Example that Nancy gave is that we start at the end and then nuance it to the fundamentals and all the different aspects of the IWF, e.g.:

      A surfer dude gets out of the water and begins to tell what water means to him and why he likes being part of the IWF, then he tells about how he likes interacting with the other groups (Crowdsourcing) and then he explains the 2 for the 2 plan and the goals of the IWF in the long run

      – Innovation and pleasure should be the two things to promote when approaching youth sports groups

      And finally make a blog post about the change we made from boring recitation of information to fun and engaging story.


  2. sebastiaan van den elshout says:

    Good to see that you worked on time management and more effective group work! Even better to see that it is starting work now.


  3. razvanvarjoghe says:

    This week the tech stewarts made the presentation and scheduled the tasks for this week.Our principle task is to find solutions how to approach universities finding new young people to help Francois with this amazing project.In the same way we need to find groups in local plan but also international because we want to start directly global, to expand very quick an awareness program like we sad in the previous weeks posts.At the same time we asked for suggestions Nancy and Alan, who were very happy to give us a good directions and some tips.After that we upgraded our storyboard; we start thinking about the storyline of our movie, which was a bit complicated because we want to avoid details, we need clear ideas cause we don’t want to be confusing for people.Already we put a couple of ideas on paper for the plot.


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