Reflection week 5

This week we got introduced to the concepts of me,we,network thinking and crowd-souring and funding. The ”me” network is all about thinking about something on an individual level. Some aspects of this method of thinking are the presence of: consciousness, confidence and emotions. We always use this method when working in our 5kings group. The ”we” thinking comes into play when we for instance skype with Francois or when we have a meeting with all 15 of us. Networks could be used when we decide to pitch an idea, but we first want feedback from a large group on whether there’s enthusiasms for that idea. Networks are also the basis of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, which are the most interesting to the IWF.

These 2 things are the entire foundation for the IWF. The ”donate 2 dollars and tell 2 people about it” donation system that Francois already has in place is a perfect example of crowdfunding. The main aim of the IWF is to connect all global initiatives concerning water and bundling them which is exactly what crowd sourcing entails; 

”the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community*” 

Moreover, our current plan links into the crowdsourcing as well. We’d like to introduce the IWF to already existent youth’s sports groups that interact with water from all over the world (e.g. surfing, fishing clubs). Once these groups are ambassadors of the IWF the goal is for them to stay in contact with each other and to expand from there on out. Next week we will all expound this idea/vision and compile that into a final plan, which we can ultimately present to Francois and make our final movie about it.

It was interesting to see how well the information that was presented to us this week, tied in with what we were already doing and Francois also seemed enthusiastic about that fact. I think we finally shook of the confused part and are heading in exactly the right direction.


7 thoughts on “Reflection week 5

  1. razvanvarjoghe says:

    Reflection for week 5′

    On monday i did a small introduction about this week tasks with Inesa and Charlotte.We tried to focus our attention on crowdsourcing and crowdfounding, finding solutions about how do we approach and how the youth, water sports clubs or different organizations.Moreover we tried to figure it out how to connect the networks together and more important what they can do to help us.We summarize the hole debate to some specific targets:participate to fairs, approach social media (Facebook) groups or go to TED talk conferences.For the social integration we think about sharing hashtag ( # ), videos to communicate our purpose, bassicaly the content we want to show.We also thinked about how these people and events can do for us.IWF aim is target market where we can spread the message, do creative initiative and more important to create awareness between “water lovers”.

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    1. sebastiaan van den elshout says:

      Good reflection! Compact and clear! Be careful with using the word ‘trying’ too much. You really did something, succeeded or failed and you learned from it. I want to read that!

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  2. peifermarcel says:

    I think our last working session as a whole group was the most productive so far. Definitely agree with you here Edwin!

    I think we need to focus on how we can maintain this productivity level. It is crucial to have a leader in the discussion that sets the boundaries and brings the group back on track once the discussions start to heat up and become chaotic. Also assigning time slots to each task in the workshop puts more structure into it. What do you think?


    1. sebastiaan van den elshout says:

      I agree with that. You have to structure creative processes otherwise you tent to get lost or get stuck in unproductive discussions. It means also set time boundaries for tasks. Maybe divide tasks in more and so smaller parts that smaller groups can think about? As a whole, I think the group has come a lot further!


      1. peifermarcel says:

        I guess we really need to put time limits on tasks executed by the whole group in order to be more productive. This brings the risk of breaking down tasks so far that the context is lost. We will need to aim for a good balance here I think.

        Also agreeing on objectives for each session may be really useful…


    2. edwindewit96 says:

      I 100% agree with you on the fact that we need some sort of a leader, however I’m kind of tired of the same group of people taking on that leader role. It’s sad that nobody else wants to step up and get everyone in line, and when we ask for feedback we are answered by crickets.


      1. peifermarcel says:

        I guess it is up to us to find new and innovative ways to engage everyone when the motivation sinks. Let’s get together next week and work on solutions to involve more people while also increasing productivity ok?


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