Reflection week #4

This weeks theme is tech stewardship and the quote of the week is:

“Technology stewards are people with enough experience of the workings of a community to understand its technology needs, and enough experience with technology to take leadership in addressing those needs.”
Which means that the technology stewards need to be versatile. He or she doesn’t need to be the computer expert but needs to be the person that understands the community in a way that he or she can fulfill the communities technology needs and needs to know enough about technology to support and address those needs.
An important tool to portray the weak and strengths of a community is the spider graph. The spider graph uses a point system and connects the points to make a weird shape, in this shape you can notice what strengths and weaknesses are. You can make multiple spider graphs to compare them to each other.
We made 2 spider graphs of our NGO, one is about the NGO write now and the other is about what we think the NGO needs to become. We compared them and looked at the differences and talked about the way we could get there.
The other thing we did was making a concept for the video presentation. The product managers came together and presented their ideas, and we discussed the ideas and approved them. The product managers made a little teaser of their idea.
This was also the week the NGO leader Françios would come and give a little presentation and we got the chance to ask some questions.
I think this week went better than last week, last week we were kind of stuck. This week we managed to make sense out of it all and we’re going in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Reflection week #4

  1. razvanvarjoghe says:

    Reflection about week 4′

    I’m the product manager and my job is to be part in all debates, check for informations doing research and I’m also respnsable with the visual content, giving ideas or thinking to schedule plans.

    The tasks for this week were to create an animation about our challanges near the NGO purpose, to redesign our group sweet spot, to be part in the leader of the NGO ( François Bruley ) presentation, to search out for more informations understanding which is our goal and to define group spidergram, which was very interesting beacuse we conceive which are our strengths and weaknesses.Moreover, i had to go to a meeting with the others product managers and to think about IWF ( International Water Foundation ) movie.

    I found this week very productive,especially for the movie task beacuse we did a real brainstorm and we came out with some amazing ideas about how we can create it.Further, we realize that is need it to express our ideas to the others, so we did a trailer ( sketch ) for the final movie.

    The meeting with François was a real help for us because we asked him about the things were not clear referring to the project,so now we are in progress because last week we were stuck in ideas.

    Soo now the work is in progress, new ideas and thoughts


  2. edwindewit96 says:

    Reflection week 4:

    On Monday we got our introduction to Tech Stewardship and after that we went back into our groups and started creating spidergrams which illustrated the current state of the IWF. After that we created spidergrams on how we woud like to see the IWF at the end stage. I found it nice to visualize our goal, it helped me get a better idea of our goal. We also discussed these spidergrams with the entire group which I liked the most. After this process was complete, I teamed up with the other client services and we discussed how our first meeting with Francois be put together. I made an itinerary for that day and we thought up some basic questions that we didn’t know the answers to yet.

    Wednesday we started off with a half hour presentation of Francois on the topic of the four quadrants. After that he joined us while we worked in groups. I sat in on the conversation between the team leaders and Francois for about an hour which was fairly insightful. After Charlotte, Lina and I recorded a short interview with Francois that we could use for our final video assignment


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