Week 3: reflection. Our Sweet Spot / Our NGO: Water Matters

Week 3: Getting out of the mess

So much stress, so much information and so much organization to be done.

That’s how our week begin.

We are learning and getting better with our tutor. He advised us that we should organize in small groups and later, when we have a bigger conclusion we can discuss everything in large groups.

Every week, we should tell him what we have to do that means that every one of the group has to come out and rise his voice to explain what will be the schedule for the week

Now we have a little more clear what we’re supposed to do so it gets more excited.

We saw a video in which he explained the different jobs everyone should make based on the size of the groups.

I will explain:

Working in a large group:

– there is only one center and everybody works from him,

Working is 3 groups (for example):

– it is made in each group a new center is also easier to work.

This week we have to think about marketing strategies, it’s a little stressful because there is already a lot of strategies but we have to find out some of them that actually will gonna work for our NGO

Sitting with the tutor, we talk about the project and we came with some ideas because the website it is a bit confuse, the meaning of the project its really good but there is no place where people can be more involve where you can donate or where people can see clearly what the idea is and what more they can do to help.

Something that was interesting and nobody though about is  if we have any idea of “competition” the International Water Foundation may have, it’s interesting because we should think about this if we are trying to grow the knowing of our NGO.

So basically, this week we were confuse but a lot enthusiast !

Our Sweet Spot / Our NGO: Water Matters

Hell yeah!….

I really like to draw… even when I (NOT) a really good drawing… But I think guys this is really important!

I tried the easiest and simple way to show you the sweet spot of my team and what our NGO needs.

The simple, the better.

You don’t have to like it, but I am pretty sure you will be interested about what we have to show you.

In our team we are really creative, that’s our gift. We have a passion for design and our purpose is to help our NGO the best way we can.

Social media plays a really important and big roll in our work.

12071278_558058637677495_870626755_n 12047274_558058641010828_1965809106_n

I advise you guys to see this video about how important water is in our lives.



4 thoughts on “Week 3: reflection. Our Sweet Spot / Our NGO: Water Matters

  1. esmeemessemaker says:

    You made a really nice drawing!! Do you want to use all the social media platforms that are in your drawing? Instragam is also a good platform! And what does the ring represent (also in one of the clouds of social media)? And I’m a bit confusiastic about the meaning of the heart, does it mean that you want to share your ideas and get others to care for water to, or do you want to get water and love to the place where it needs to go? Sorry for all the questions! Really like the video btw, makes people realize that we need fresh water everywhere!


  2. sebastiaan van den elshout says:

    Nice movie, but what is the purpose of this movie? I think water shortage is a recognized problem, so what does this movie add to that?
    Btw, I like the sweet spot drawing! Now try to be more specific: what can the group add to this project and what are the groups unique selling point (USP) so to say. For instance: you are passionate about design, now what kind of design?
    Then what might also help is to capture your sweet spot in one sentence (see comment on sweet spot BATCO by janneke)


  3. jelmerverweij says:

    Reflection week #3
    We were stuck and didn’t know what to do. Francois sent big emails with lots of information and the information was overwhelming. We didn’t know what to do with all this information and didn’t know what he wanted form us. We had all kinds of ideas, but didn’t which side or what goal Francois had in mind for us. We got together and discussed the information and tried to make sense of the overwhelming information. We had all kinds of suggestions but didn’t come to a concrete idea. We really tried hard to make sense of it all, but it didn’t work. We were stuck.


  4. razvanvarjoghe says:

    Reflection week #3

    This week was very confusing for us, we didn’t know how should approach our tasks, practically we did’t know how to start. We were focused to find out how social media can help the “international water foundation” project, to find a platform which fits the best for our foundation. We received a lot of information from Francois but the problem was that we didn’t know which was his goal, so we put our thoughts and ideas on the board and try to create a blueprint for next week. Basically we tried to clarify the information and try to form and make ourselves a goal for direction.


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