Reflection about skype call with Francois

First of all i want to say that Francois just by the way he speaks and try to respond to all of our leaders questions is an open minded man with a great vision about world which tries to help by using multiple perspective approach, having a goal to accomplish.

I heard that he was struggling to find a place to work in a humanitarian social project, but he didn’t find the right working place so he was advised by one of his friends to create his own project where he can choose exactly what steps to do and also to apply the “integrally informed approach”.

I was glad to heared his answeras and most of all, the way he see the things around him.It’s hard to start a project and to amplifying it but if you are totally dedicated you’ll fulfill it.

Razvan Varjoghe


One thought on “Reflection about skype call with Francois

  1. Nancy White says:

    Hiya Kings… I’m leaving a general reply on this blog post because so far I think you are all blogging individually. Did I understand that correctly? It sounds like you had a really good call with Francois and are picking up not only the task, but the philosophy. That is a good quality as you engage with your clients. With big vision, sometimes the early planning is challenging. So I am wondering, what kinds of questions are you going to ask him on the next call to help focus your work?

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