Reflection of our first skype call with Francois

Before the call I did not know what kind of a person to expect and I was fairly anxious due to the low quality and cluttered website. However, it quickly became apparent that Francois is a bright man, who could converse his vision very well. He was  enthusiastic about the IWF and I enjoyed hearing about how it came to be in existence. In an e-mail he sent me afterwords he said this:

”For those looking for security, know that each time you are setting out to do something that has never been done before, there is no expert to turn to, so you have to choose to be present, and at the end of the process you’ll be that expert!”

I feel like this is very accurate. At the moment I am confused about how to get started with this whole social media campaign on the basis that we don’t have to create awareness, but merely link up all the people who already share this awareness of water. I realized this confusion is mainly based upon the fact that I can’t reference this to any other situation that I know of. I like to work with examples and work from there on. But in this case, as Francois said, we are the pioneers and at the end of the process we will be the first experts in this field which is exiting!

Mood: Confusiastic



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