This is it, here I am…

IMG-20150720-WA0000Good day everyone, I go by the name of Jelmer and come from a little place called Amsterdam which is located in The Netherlands. I didn’t travel as far as most students, but at the moment I’ve got the longest travelling time from home to school of all students because I still live in Amsterdam (Ironic). I’m excited to start learning this year and I’m liking the looks of the IDE program so far. I didn’t expect to see so many students from all over the world, which is really cool. It forces and encourages you to actually speak in English because it is the only language you have in common (this can be hard sometimes). That’s also the reason I chose the English IDE program over the IPO Dutch program, to get better at speaking English.

I always liked creating things when I was a kid, for example playing with legos, creating something out of wood and building pillow fords. I always liked the idea of inventing new things. My favorite section of the ‘Donald Duck’ (a dutch monthly magazine starring Donald Duck and friends) came as no surprise; Willie Wortel (Gyro Gearloose) a wacky inventor who is good at hearth. It usually where short stories about his inventions. Once I got in the third grade and started some orientation on what I wanted to do after finishing high school I got across Industrial Design, where you basically got educated to become an inventor, so I was immediately sold. When I started to look for schools who had the Industrial Design program, the IDE program from The Hague University grabbed my attention. It was a year shorter than the dutch counterpart and it was completely in english which made the option of an internship at an international company more realistic, and that seemed really useful to me. I decided to register at The Hague University and here I am!

I’m the tech steward of this group and I know how to use google so I’m perfect for the job, kidding, but I seriously do know my way around computers. I’m no computer genius but I like using technology and like learning new things about it. Eventually I can figure out every computer problem out by myself, by using either google or just trying a lot of things (usually the last one).

My superpower probably is the urge to understand anything. If I don’t know why something happens this can be really frustrating to me. I then try anything to understand it, things I don’t understand make me feel uncomfortable. The result is that I work hard to find the meaning of something and getting to know how it works. My superhero name would be: I-need-to-know-the-meaning-of-everthing-man. Not really catchy, is it?ff94b0226ed32be0a0f123b48361ec51Jelmer Verweij (Tech Steward)


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