Reflection week 2

As a designer I think you are suppose to be an open mind person, working with communities you get to see a whole new world. You are working with such different people with different dreams and maybe with a complete different background, they can give you so much to learn. Networks improve you to do that, they even motivate you and help you to do a better job at those communities because it is hard to let to know you to the people and get them to talk to you, trust you and even believe in what you have to say or offer, some communities open their houses to you really quickly but another ones don’t let you in so easily.

That’s why hard work, motivation and a lot of love should be at the same team, because I think that is what all NGOs needs. Our NGO International Water Foundation (IWF) needs people that are prepare to all the challenges they have to go through.

I will try to let my team know that I’m an explosive bomb of dedication. I mean, we all are really motivate but I think we won’t know what we are doing until we complete this project, so I think if my team and I we just put effort on this, everything will ends up as we want it. I like my place as a documentarian, I am really good at listening and helping, as a team we should listen to everyone and make decisions together. I don’t mind getting angry or even getting angry with myself when I don’t do things right. So I guess I could help everyone.

I am confusiastic about the meaning of this project. In the beginning it seems really easy but when you get the information you need and what you have to do, it gets everything so confuse but so excited at the same time. With projects like this is how we can make the little changes in the world.



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