Reflection, week 2

Our NGO, International Water Foundation (IWF) are now looking to expand their network to share enthusiasm and create a stronger water culture in our society. IWF, also wishes to create a public data base of all the water initiatives in the world and promote research. The first step which I believe the NGO should take in order to facilitate the advertisement is to make their website user friendly and aesthetically pleasing (this will be suggested in the interview taking place on Thursday). The result of this will allow us to create an organized platform within the website where all the NGO´s and entrepreneurs can share their initiatives and collaborate. Furthermore the website will be the main platform for promotion, hence the first contact  the public will have with the foundation. Therefore the donation button and the aim should be the first things the public must see. Finally the last step that we could take as designers could be to create a blog area in the website where entities can post their new research and where the public can donate to individual researchers therefore endorsing research. Although these are a few things which could be improved upon the website, we are still in week two which means our plans and ideas will change in order to make sure we are meeting our client’s needs. It will most definitely be interesting to see the answers and feedback we will get back on Thursday after our first skype call.

We all have different expectations of what our final project will look like, hopefully, it will include a website which the public find appealing and easy to access. A place where the public, researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs have the liberty to express their thoughts; promote and advocate the sustainable use of water and its distribution.

Working directly with and NGO, will allow me the opportunity to develop and strengthen my communication skills, not only with the client but within our community. As a student we have the unique opportunity to learn about the roles we are performing in our groups.

So far, working as team manager has been challenging, yet exciting. I believe that I am organized and open minded to ideas; making sure everyone is being represented when taking decisions.  We are using google doc drive as our main task manager, where I assign the aims for the day in order to ensure that we are fulfilling all the tasks. I think this method has proved itself to be efficient and successful as there has been no problem with communication and the deadlines are being met. The most challenging part is making sure that everyone understands what our next steps are and that we clearly know what our client is expecting from us.

-Natalia R


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