Reflection week #2

If you want success in the world of design, communities and networks are a very important part. Because together you can inspire and activate ideas that are stuck your head. You need people with different skills to realize a product and to improve the quality. together you can reach higher levels of knowledge, because you are able to learn from each other and everyone’s skills and strengths together make one superhuman.

Our NGO the International Water Foundation needs our help in getting the world to realize that not everyone in the world has easy access to fresh water and the fact that our own water supply will run out eventually. To make sure this doesn’t happen we need to get as much people to know about this problem and getting financing for the International Water Foundation.

I would like our project to have an impact. The project should help the IWF to grow and make a better world. If our project doesn’t help, it has failed. I want the project to be something I and my team can be proud of. Because in the end it’s all about teamwork.

My addition to the team will be my knowledge of computers and helping everyone with the technical tasks. I also will bring in ideas and try to be a good team member. I will also learn from my teammates and be a better and completerĀ person after the project. I will be helpful and Always bring my positive attitude.

Jelmer Verweij


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