Reflection week 2

I feel like having a support group is key to every great design process. Communities and networks not only combat a possibly narrow minded thinking that one could have, but also keep a person socially sane. Staying in contact with other people keeps you in the loop of society and won’t make you estranged from the society for which you are designing a product or service. In the case of our NGO it’s in fact all about building a community and network. IWF requests us to do this:

‘’What I hope for the most in Team’s A desired role is to design an approach to social medial tailored for people bellow the age 29 (or max. 35).’’                                               ~ Francois Buley

An ideal outcome for us would be to set up such a network. In order to do that we must make people aware of the international water crisis in a unique and meaningful way (for instance like the ALS ice bucket challenge. I think this will be or biggest challenge however, however I find that with the 15 young people at hand who will be pondering about this we will be able to come up with something. We’re at a very early stage of this project now, however I feel confident that we can make IWF progress!



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