Hi, I’m Razvan maybe you know me, maybe you don’t.I’m from Bucharest , Romania, a very beautyfull country which i don’t like but i really want to change it.I just finished the highscholl based on mathematics and informatics where the most important thing that i learn was to organize my mind and to schedule all my tasks corectly for a better efficiency.

I was also attracted by the biology or science by  exploreing the fenomens and how they are created.Still as a kid i loved to draw everything from cartoons to projects for houses so when i grew up i decided to do o course for my passion…. so there I realise that this hobby could became my future career,designer. My power is a combination between creation and the way i present her.It is possible only by haveing a drawing tool.

This power is very usefull in the way, that helps the hole crew to develop a new design for new projects or maybe to put ideas in a well defined final product.This power in my way of thinking is very usefull and could very easy to help each member from my present group or in the future.I called her power beacuse i was born with it and is easy and joyfull for me to use it and it have a divers effect.I would call it “the power of line”.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 17.11.57

I forgot to say that I love bickes and sometimes i build bikes from pices.I practice downhill for 4 years and i can say that is the best method to relax and forgot about everything.For me downhill is hobby and a way to discover me and improve my skills by practicing everytime when i have spare time.

In this moment i’m a litle bit confused about what’s happening around mewith all courses , what’s the purpose of some of the activities but i like the most how we work like a team and learn from eachother.I know the most of my colleagues and i’m very happy beacuse they came from all over the world and for sure I’ll learn many things about their culture.My target now is to learn as much as i can about this programme and new things about my classmates countries.

So that’s all for the moment.See ya! If you want you can leave your thoughts here, I’m really glad to hear them

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 17.40.48Razvan Varjoghe


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