It´s my turn…

Hola, my name is _DSC9248Natalia. I´m a new (really excited) student in the IDE course 2015. My home base is in Peru where I was born and mainly raised. Of course, I cannot neglect my second nationally which is Spanish (thank you dad) it makes travelling much easier.  Being Peruvian usually means being associated with llamas, probably, you just thought about it too. To make this easier I have created a short section of frequently asked questions, please enjoy.

Yeah, soo do you ride llamas? I would love to, but no. It’s impossible unless you want to get spit by a llama. Actually their saliva has toxins which leave stains on your skin. So I wouldn´t recommend it.

Do you live in Machu Picchu?llama pic 2 No, Machu Picchu is an ancient ruin no one is allowed to live there, in any case you can live in Cusco which is the region where it´s located.

Oohh and you come from the Aztecs right?  Wrong, our decedents are not the Aztecs or Mayan it´s the Incas!

And finally do you live in the jungle?  It is most definitely my favourite place in the world, but I’m from the city; Lima, this is located in the coast.  Peru actually has there mayor micro climates: the coast (awesome beaches), the highlands (the Andes) and the jungle (the Amazon)

Oh and if you ever go to Peru or are planning on going please do visit more places other than Machu Picchu. I promise you won´t want to miss out.

As for every individual I believe that our identity is influenced by our background, hence; education, location and social background. With every nationality there comes the stereotype, but I believe in course we are putting them all to the test.

I have had the opportunity to travel, get to know places, people and their food (definitely the best part). I would like to say this is how I discovered my strongest skills; organized, creative and open-minded. Yet, If I had say a “superpower”, I would consider it to be; not being afraid to dive into the unknown.  I´m pretty sure this has upheld till now because of the amazing results, like climbing the Andes, or doing a gap year in Singapore and the most recent, moving to the Netherlands. As I said before I´m excited; exited to see what this course has to offer, what I will learn and the friendships we will make.

Peru out,

Thank you for reading,

Natalia R


6 thoughts on “It´s my turn…

  1. yuanzheliu says:

    “not being afraid to dive into the unknown. ” I like this word. Life always full of unknown and surprise. I admire you can confront them with optimism.


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