Edwin behind the scenes

What’s up y’all, my name is Edwin however I also go by Ed or Eddy or as most of you guys know me o-right-you’re-the-sneaker-guy thanks to Caroline’s fabulous introduction on the first day.


My experience of the IDE program so far has been truly great, I’m glad to say that I everyone that I’ve met is a nice and genuine person. However, to understand the main reason why I’m so enthusiastic (luckily not yet confusiastic) about this program you’d have to know about my academic career…

I spent the last 7 years doing the highest level of high school in the Netherlands (VWO) and since year 1 I chose to enroll in an additional class named Onderzoek en Ontwerpen (Research and Design). In fact I choose my school specifically because they offered this option. In this class we’d work together in teams of 4 or 5 to provide a client (usually in the form of a company) with a product or service that met his or her demands.  We would usually do 2 projects with 2 different clients a year and we were graded by the progress throughout the project and a presentation of the final product. One of my favorite projects was to design a ‘‘cruise terminal’’ a.k.a. a dock for cruise ships equipped with a food court and some small shops (like an airport).  I enjoyed doing these projects allot however there was always one major drawback for me. All the projects we did were theoretical and there was never a real world application for our end results. The designs and services that we had worked so hard on for the past half year had long before then been finalized by professionals and we we’re just doing it to learn from the experience. This bothered me greatly and I got fed up with these fake projects after 5 years. However, in my heart I still wanted to be a designer…

This is why I’m so so glad to be doing IDE and this Project Community class. Finally I’m doing something that actually matters and will be able to make a (small) impact on the world around me. My superpower will help me with this ambition. Because my superpower is to be able to work extremely hard when I’m genuinely, and I mean GENUINELY, interested in the subject. The last time I experienced this was with a paper that I wrote titled ‘’The Evolution of Sneaker Culture’’. I went overboard on it and spent well over 100 hours and ended up with an 80 page document. I believe that this course sparks my interest enough to unleash this super power and makes me driven enough to deliver nothing but the best.

As far as my meme goes, it wasn’t a hard task for me to find a suitable one. It’s not really a meme but it’s a phrase that I came across while browsing the interwebs a couple of years back and it has weirdly had a strong impact on me, in fact it’s even been my wallpaper for phone for a while now. Like everyone else, I too am someone who struggles with procrastination and these simple words on a Nike billboard in Times Square New York remind me to get my game face on and get on with my school work or to have a killer work out session in the gym


This was Edwin, Peace, *drops the mic and walks off into the sunset*


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