Do you wanna know me? You will never know me :)

I love dance, I love horses, I love ice and I love romance.

I love blogs, I love cars, I love shopping and I love dogs.

I can list a thousand more things that I love but you still won’t know me at all.



Nice to meet me too 🙂

I am Lucy, I’m from Brazipain . Yeah, sounds weird… I will explain: I’ve born in Brazil but me and my parents we live in Spain (daddy is spanish) and now I am studying in holland my first Industrial Design Engineer (IDE).

Yes I know… it gets a little more confuse every time I explain it to somebody, but I don’t know how to say that I am from both countries. Some people, when they are kids and they move to another country, automatically they adapt themselves to that country. Oh well… with me is a bit different, I still brazilian with brazilian custom and manners but I have the spanish culture ass well. So when my dad talks to me in spanish I answer in portuguese and when my mom talks to me in portuguese  I answer in Spanish… because I’m a badass 😀


But being able to talk both languages since I’m little gave me the opportunity to learn each language faster than the average people. I can fluent talk 4 languages, I understand 5 and I’m in process to learn a new one. In my mind it´s actually like drinking water.

I think that gives me a lot of opportunities all around the world. And I love to talk so yeah… it helps too 🙂 And I am a profesional dancer so yeah I can communicate with people really easy with my dance moves.

Many people get so confuse with my personality, I can be a really quiet person and then suddenly just star to dance around you (and believe me, I don’t care about what will you think, I’m weirdo), I like to make people happy as much as i LOOOOOOVE to eat (Eat is actually my third name) And write, oh yeah, I love to write down random things and at the end of the day I can see so many ideas ideas and draws.

I think my superpower is being able to communicate with others in a really goofy way, I am always trying to help. People around me can really see how extremely goofy I am, it really helps  when they are sad or have a bad day. Everyone should have a smile on their faces all the time.

I am a really lucky girl, I’m always traveling with my family and friends so I can know more about this crazy world. I was once an exchange student for a year, the best thing about my exchange program was learn more about myself and learn how different the people are.

Each day I learn something new and I just hope to keep learning in this amazing journey.




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