Reflection – week 2

In my opinion is that the communities and also the networks could help the student/designer work with informations, thoughts and support the communications between NGOs and also to spread the ideas all over the world.Basically the networks are best tool that can be used for sending, receiveing and collaborate with people all over the word very easy.In the same time can help the NGOs to find new sponsors and to expand the activity and by that to help more people.NGOs needs partners, sponsors and new ideas for solveing problems.Maybe new fresh thoughts.After this team project I want to learn more about working in teams and to know exacly how can I help and be part from a NGO.

My “special quality” is that I draw pretty well and I can help my team by materializing their ideas. I can also contribute with innovative sketches for our projects.

For sure, now, I am confusiastic about the way we work and the way things happened but I think is something normal.In this moment I don’t now what we are going to in this program and how we are going to collaborate with the NGO.

Razvan Varjoghe


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